By my side, completely safe, I advise you to go and discover your dreams and yourselves.

I invite you to share the potent bond of the rope and, through it, a shielded part of the beauty of the world.

I believe that being a guide means first of all being in the company of others, giving them a chance to unearth parallel, unsuspected realms, a sort of conveyer of dreams.

The realm of encounters and friendship, the mountains are also a haven of silence. The place where life’s uproars magically leave place to calmness, and where unnecessary unrest is converted into precise actions.

I am looking forward to discovering this universe of freedom together with you and to vertically inscribing these very precious moments on the frieze of time.

“In the wide deserts, on high mountains, there exists a peculiar trade: one can barter life’s turbulences with boundless peace of mind.”

The errant yogi Milarepa




The various faces of a mountain are equally invitation to discover and to act. All year round, activities are intertwined and connected without ever leaving us. Summer mountaineering and climbing is counterbalanced by expeditions, ski raids and ice climbing. Every activity suits a precise moment, in harmony with the conditions, one’s training and the rope-party.

Daily tariff: 400€ (material included, possibility of a overnight stay in the Annecy area)

Every summit has its own scale. Do not hesitate to contact me and share your dreams, even your wildest ones.

Contact: / Tel +33 (0) 68 18 32 780




“Intense despite being rare, my outings with Christophe make up a very special moment in my life, a mixture of sharing, excess and emotions: a real blend which grows for several months, until a new idea takes shape.

An amateur mountaineer, I would not have been able to climb some of the big routes he gave me the chance to attain. These dreams will be forever engraved in my memory as a mountain lover. Thank you!” /Nicolas Huot

“A great mountaineer, a leader, is not somebody you should imitate, but somebody who gives you confidence”. (Walter Bonatti, quoted by Mirella Tenderini.

This trait aptly describes my guide, Christophe Dumarest. I would also add another feature, which I deem highly important: his good spirits.” / Denis Pachoud

« The weather front and our agendas granted us a unique experience. I find myself roped to Christophe at the bottom of the north face of the Matterhorn. Everything feels mythical. The rhythm is swiftly set. We are on the same wavelengths. He delivers positive energy and the route feels like a dream. This first ascent will be the starting point of many other shared ones…” / Vincent Vachette




Christophe Dumarest / Alpinisme