By my side, completely safe, I advise you to go and discover your dreams and yourselves.
I invite you to share the potent bond of the rope and, through it, a shielded part of the beauty of the world.

I believe that being a guide means first of all being in the company of others, giving them a chance to unearth parallel, unsuspected realms, a sort of conveyer of dreams.

Conferences & Show

Convinced that the similarities between the world of business and that of the high peaks need to be further explored, during his talks, Christophe Dumarest introduces the strong themes of motivation, sense of practice, being alert, risk management, coherence and reinforcement of team spirit. The link between these two worlds then starts to take shape.


This search for verticality and intensity crystallizes through the most perilous maneuvers lived in altitude. This alignment between the body, mind and emotions mobilized for survival is a drug from which it is difficult to escape.


The ever mysterious high altitude world can be associated with another, hazy one, that of the soul's movements. Bathed in the exceptional energy of ``immense nature``, a true universal catalyst, the feeling of being alive is intensified up there. A magnificent universe with no defamer, a compelling and hostile beauty which dazzles, the world of summits paints the heart. Conscious or unconscious witness of the beauty of the world, the mountaineer chooses or not to go beyond his need to be by sharing his experiences.

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Christophe DUMAREST
Stirred by the research of new routes, as well as human relationships, I strive to give my best in the practice of mountaineering.
Intense despite being rare, my outings with Christophe make up a very special moment in my life, a mixture of sharing, excess and emotions: a real blend which grows for several months, until a new idea takes shape.

An amateur mountaineer, I would not have been able to climb some of the big routes he gave me the chance to attain. These dreams will be forever engraved in my memory as a mountain lover. Thank you!

Nicolas Huot
The weather front and our agendas granted us a unique experience. I find myself roped to Christophe at the bottom of the north face of the Matterhorn. Everything feels mythical. The rhythm is swiftly set. We are on the same wavelengths. He delivers positive energy and the route feels like a dream. This first ascent will be the starting point of many other shared ones…
Vincent Vachette