Motivational speaker

Dream, get ready, undertake, engage, sometimes fail, succeed and share…

A high-mountain guide and technical advisor, Christophe Dumarest is among the leading mountaineers of his generation. From the Alps to the Himalayas, Alaska to Patagonia, together with his rope partners, he climbed some of the most beautiful and remote mountains in the world.

Convinced that the similarities between the world of business and that of the high peaks need to be further explored, during his talks, Christophe Dumarest introduces the strong themes of motivation, sense of practice, being alert, risk management, coherence and reinforcement of team spirit. The link between these two worlds then starts to take shape.

Illustrating his exceptional voyages, made up of dreams and relinquishments, dangers and decision taking, rope-party spirit and shared successes, Christophe invites you to share his rope, showing his outstanding images.


These talks, which usually last one hour, are preceded by a short presentation and closed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Each presentation is carefully prepared in advance together with the organising team.

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The most popular:

  • The path of a successful ascent
  • The rope party, when differing characters mingle
  • Alpinism, training and risk management

His latest interventions took place at the Chantilly castle for the “Groupe Moniteur” (press group), in Ajaccio for “Maison de Qualité” (individual homes manufacturer), in Champery (Switzerland) for the International Neuroscience Convention (Alpine Brain Imaging Meeting), in Val Gardena for Euromezzanine (finance) and in Grand Bornand for the Haute Savoie Health insurance fund CPAM.


“Rich in his “mountains” of experience, Christophe in unmatched in being able to assign everyday problems their proper relevance, giving a practical and concrete sense in the expression of everyone, reminding the difficulties which feature every success and the value hidden within each failure, encouraging the community to outline its own perspective and decide how to reach goals together. All in all, he offers the chance to reflect and ponder, thanks to his images of outstanding exploits.”

Sandrine Cabot, Director of the Haute-Savoie CPAM (Departmental health insurance fund)

“The professional reality of Christophe rests on a creative requirement (outlining a route, his diary, his life) and a physical commitment (effort, cold, risk) which are not your daily cup of tea in a team.

In view of his easy approach and the will to make his “playground” accessible, Christophe was able to outline, in a day, closeness and some interactions, which allowed us to have an insight into his day-to-day life and stir several responses.

So much so that several team members took up a rucksack, the following summer, and explored hiking trails, making the experience last longer.

Bruno Froidval, Manager EMZ Partners