Much more than a company, this is a household. A proper eyewear institution set in Longchaumois, in the French Jura mountains, Julbo is the guarantee of enhanced protection for your eyes with a trendy look. Simply the best!

« Free to keep on dreaming» Because before the action there is the dream, Karpos imagines, designs and offers visionary products so that everyone can achieve their most ambitious goals.

« The Reblochon Company » or how to engage in serious activities without taking yourself seriously. Snowleader is shops and online sales of everything you need for your « great escapes ».    

 « Freedom has never been so light ».To offer you memorable nights sleeping outdoors, Samaya puts all its energy into offering you palaces with a view. The lightest 4-season tent ever designed.

« Nessun luogo è lontano » « No place is too far for Scarpa ». Scarpa offers the interface between the world of air and that of the earth. These are my seven-league boots.

The finest technical equipment. Stemming from speleology, the brand started in Crolles (Isère, France) and is nowadays one of the key players in the world of mountaineering and climbing. The third member in a rope-party who is 100% reliable.

Arva is the French brand of reference for security on the mountain. Producers of avalanche transceivers for the past twenty years, Arva is distributed in more than thirty countries and reknown for the quality of its products all over the world.

Technology and innovation in support of quality, with the guarantee of the typically German precision and know-how.
Two brands gaining more and more attention in the ski touring domain.
Völkl and Marker are two brands that are rising in the world of ski mountaineering.

Ever since 1870, Ferrino has invented and put together new garments: clothing, sleeping bags, rucksack, gloves… Stylish, technical Italian products you can trust.

Entirely designed in the Basque Country in a beautiful cooperative spirit, Totem simply offers the best and safest cams on the climbing planet.

Innovation at the service of lightness and bivouac. Sea to summit provides almost the entire range of products necessary for your roaming escapes.