Convinced that the analogies between the world of business and that of the mountains deserve to be developed, I present during my plenary sessions the strong themes of motivation, the sense of practice, vigilance, risk management or cohesion and team spirit reinforcement. The link between these two worlds takes on its full meaning.
Offer your teams an exceptional moment, a sharing of experience that will accompany them throughout their professional career.

Dreaming, preparing, undertaking, committing, sometimes failing, succeeding and sharing…

As a high mountain guide and technical advisor, I have been fortunate to be one of the most active mountaineers of my generation. From the Alps to the Himalayas, from Alaska to Patagonia, I have been able to climb with my fellow climbers some of the most beautiful and inaccessible mountains in the world.

I invite you to discover with me exceptional images of these exceptional journeys, made up of dreams and renunciations, dangers and decisions, team spirit and shared success.

A testimony that will touch and motivate your teams, whatever your field of activity.

Photograph: Marc Daviet

Like every climb, every intervention is unique.

These highlights of about an hour are traditionally preceded by a short presentation and closed by an exchange with the participants.
Each intervention is meticulously prepared in advance with the organizing team.

Photographie : Marc Daviet

My last interventions



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Some examples of conferences…

– “Itinerary of a successful ascent”: the roped party spirit at the service of performance (45min + Q&A)

– “Changing altitude for a change of attitude: the experience of rare oxygen at the service of management” (45min + Q&A)


With his “mountains” of experience, Christophe has no equal when it comes to putting the little professional worries of everyday life into perspective, to put practicality and concreteness back into everyone’s expression, to remind us of the difficulties that feed successes and the richness that failures can contain, to encourage a group to draw up its own perspectives and to decide together on the path to get there. In the end, a useful space for collective reflection, supported by images and sumptuous feats.

Sandrine Cabot

Regional Manager, CPAM Haute-Savoie

Through magnificent images and stories of extraordinary expeditions, Christophe was able to refocus us on the essentials by appealing to founding values such as humility, resilience, team spirit (the famous ” rope team “), the management of failure… A rich intervention, strewn with parallels with the business world and which leads us to bring back to their right value the problems of the daily professional life. Thank you Christophe for your accessibility and your simplicity in the relationship.

Jean-Philippe Guilmeau

Business Manager, Fluidra

Photograph: Hugo Wirth