Let’s reveal together the meaning of your stories.

There is no adventure without a story, no mountaineering without stories. In the manner of adventures lived with the body and the heart, I propose to reveal through words what you carry high.

(Deep) messages, more than (bottomless) communication.

I offer to give you the floor to extract the meaning.

Using your company’s myths, let’s tell the story of what makes it unique and what drives its quest.
By bridging the gap between the product and the experience, between the singular and the universal, let’s add depth and power to your words.


Ideation work, brand platform, event creation and storytelling.

Identity & DNA

“Reconnecting with the essential through direct and powerful access to nature”

'Five Star' Base Camp

“An extraordinary experience with two-starred chef Jean Suplice”

Winter bivouac guide

“The winter bivouac is more than ever synonymous with a change of scenery and freedom”

Chronicles of the moment

“A new vision of the mountain through a series of chronicles”

Writing of the film ‘Revers Gagnant’

Duration: 13 min
Production: Samaya® (2021)
Realization: Hugo Wirth
Original Idea: Pierrick Fine & Symon Welfringer
Writing: Christophe Dumarest & Nolan Miton

The full film is still being screened at outdoor festivals around the world and is therefore not available online.

Co-direction of the film ‘Inside’

Duration: 20 min
Realization: Marc Daviet & Christophe Dumarest
Photography: Marc Daviet

Jean Sulpice

Writing, content creation, storytelling for the two-starred chef Jean Sulpice.

Secret of the spiral

“The snail carries in him, in addition to its shell a procession of rural evocations”

The Dent of Lanfon, the taste of effort

“The chef does not cook for himself, he opens the doors to his dishes like the gardener opens the gates to his park”

Herbs and Plants, Secrets of the Wild Plate

“Symbol of freedom, plants and herbs give Jean an unquenchable source of inspiration”

History of water, meeting the artisans of the lake

“Behind the scenes of the lake, meeting with Florent Capretti, professional fisherman in charge of revealing the treasures from the depths”.

From cocoa to chocolate, the art of sublimating the earth

“Imbedded in the history of mankind for thousands of years, its mere evocation arouses passions”.

Summit meeting between high mountains and 'high' gastronomy

“In a few hours and with the best mountaineers of the moment, we will transport you to the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif…”

Specialized press articles

Author of numerous articles and reports for the specialized mountain press (including a dozen for Alpes Magazine)