Corporate conferences

Offer your teams an exceptional moment, a sharing of experience that will accompany them throughout their professional career.

By my side, in security, I propose you to go to the encounter of your dreams and of yourself.

Photograph: Antoine Mesnage

Christophe Dumarest ?

The mysterious world of high altitude can be associated with the equally nebulous world of the movements of the soul.
Bathed in the energy so particular of the “great nature”, true universal catalyst, the feeling of life is exacerbated up there.
A grandiose universe without detractors, a powerful and hostile beauty that dazzles, the world of the peaks colors the hearts.
As a conscious or unconscious witness of the beauty of the world, the mountaineer chooses or not to transcend his need for recognition by sharing his experience.

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1% For The Planet

My partners

Independent companies, often family-owned, committed to the most sustainable development possible, my partners are my indispensable “rope companions”. When commitment is invited to the climbs, the quality of the equipment is no longer a choice but a condition!

A good guide is the one who gives you trust.

Come and share my rope for out-of-the-ordinary climbs.

Christophe is a character worthy of mountaineering. Professional, available and attentive, he knew how to adapt to the client’s request and capture the audience’s attention. A moment of sharing appreciated by all, for a specialty that we respect through Christophe and his testimony: ALPINISM.

Thanks again to you, Christophe! 

Honoré Bouvron

Project Manager, Générations Evènement for Hermès

Photograph: Marc Daviet

Let's reveal together the meaning of your stories.

There is no adventure without a narrative, no mountaineering without stories. I propose to reveal through words, the messages that your company wishes to carry to the highest.

Photograph: Marc Daviet