High Mountain Guide

By my side, in safety, I propose you to go to the meeting of your dreams and yourself, through the most prestigious routes of the Alps.

I invite you to share together the powerful bond of the rope and thus a preserved part of the beauty of the world.
For me, being a guide is first of all wanting to be deeply involved with people, to have the possibility of helping them discover unsuspected parallel worlds, a sort of dream courier. A place of encounter and friendship, the mountain is also the refuge of silence. The place where, as if by magic, the tumult of life gives way to serenity and where superfluous agitation is transformed into precision of gesture.


Time flies but the goals persist!

According to your experience and your list of routes, I propose to accompany you on the summits of your dreams. North face of the Matterhorn, Grandes Jorasses, Eiger, Droites, south face of Mt-Blanc, pillar of Freney or Grand Capucin, are some of my favorite terrains shared with my fellow clients.
Exceptional alpine trips experienced through the recognition of the summit, but always associated with safety and serenity within the team.

At 42 years old, at the top of my art, I have a margin of experience and technical, physical and moral skills that very few guides can value. Each summit has its own scale, come and share your wildest dreams with me.
I look forward to working with you to discover these spaces of freedom and to inscribing these precious moments vertically on the frieze of time.

Photograph: Antoine Mesnage

My specialty: the high level routes!

3 iconic climbs


Pillar of Freney

“After a quiet day, from Monzino to Eccles, it starts off hard at the end of the night: traverses on steep snow and ice slopes, with Christophe far ahead, on a tight rope, my attention is at its maximum. It gets better in the rock, with the sun coming and warming up. We then enjoy the view on Peuterey. In the Chandelle, Christophe chooses to hoist the bags. When I pass then on the ficellous, I would like to be even lighter. Beyond, it’s easier, but still long, towards the Mont-Blanc then the Aiguille du Midi. Unforgettable!”


Trip to the Great Cape:

“After a breakfast/sardines, it’s a hard start in “Voyage selon Gulliver”. Christophe serenely unrolls on a single strand of rappel (!), the other one being used to hoist the pack. Behind, I enjoy the perfect granite and the splendid setting. Efforts in the cracks, balancing on the knobs, a bit of tug-of-war when I reach my limits, but no stress, only the pleasure of climbing and a hell of a trip!”


Cassin Route at Walker Point

“We didn’t have time to put on the down jacket, often with a tight rope we caught up one by one with the rope parties who had bivouacked in the face. There is a great atmosphere despite some broken rock sections. It climbs from the start and the hoisting of my bag is welcome in the Rébuffat dihedral. Pendulum, aesthetic dihedral of 70 m, uncomfortable black slabs leave precise memories…
The descent not easy with the accumulated fatigue, fortunately Christophe is vigilant & patient, including the next morning under Boccalate.”

My outings with Christophe, rare but so intense, are all a very special moment in my life, a mixture of sharing, surpassing and emotion: a real cocktail that nourishes for several months, until a new idea germinates.
None of the great itineraries that he allowed me to climb would have been within my reach as an amateur. These realized dreams are forever engraved in my memory as a mountain lover. Thank you for your help!

Nicolas Huot

Ginat Route, north face of Les Droites

The weather and our busy schedules gave us a unique interlude, I find myself roped up with Christophe at the foot of the North Face of the Matterhorn. Everything is mythical. Very quickly, the rhythm sets in. We are on the same “wavelengths”. I get a lot of energy from him and the race goes on like a dream. This first ascent will be the starting point of many shared summits… 

Vincent Vachette

Schmidt Route, North face of the Matterhorn

Photograph: Marc Daviet / Julbo