My Partners

More than a company. A true eyewear institution in Longchaumois (France), Julbo is the guarantee of high-end protection combined with a trendy style. The best.

“Free to keep on dreaming”. Because before action there is the dream, Karpos imagines, designs and proposes visionary products so that everyone can achieve their most ambitious goals.

“The Reblochon Company” or how to practice serious activities without taking yourself seriously. Snowleader, it’s shops and online sales of everything you need for your “beautiful escapes”.

“Nessunluogo e lontano”, “No place is too far for Scarpa”. Scarpa, it is the interface between the world of the air and that of the earth. My 7 leagues boots.

Arva is the French reference brand in mountain safety. A manufacturer of avalanche search equipment for over 20 years, Arva is now distributed in over 30 countries and recognized for the quality of its products worldwide.

The technical equipment manufacturer par excellence. Originating from caving, the brand from Crolles (Isère, France) is today one of the major players in the world of climbing and mountaineering. The third of rope 100% reliable.

Entirely designed in the Basque Country in a beautiful cooperative spirit, Totem simply offers the best and safest cams on the climbing planet.

L’équipementier technique par excellence. Issue de la spéléo, la marque originaire de Crolles (Isère, France) est aujourd’hui l’un des acteurs majeurs du monde de l’escalade et de l’alpinisme. Le troisième de cordée 100% fiable.

Technology and innovation for quality with the guarantee of German precision and know-how. Völkl & Marker are two brands that are rising in the world of ski mountaineering.

“Freedom has never been so light”. To offer you memorable nights out, Samaya puts all its energy into offering you palaces with a view.

Buy, sell, keep riding…

Playful performance, durable lightness and above all no compromise to break your own rules.